Links for Research


DÖW Documentation Centre of Austrian Resistance:

A record of the Austrian Holocaust victims (database, over 62,000 names), a documentation of the Shoah of the Austrian Jews and the database "no longer anonymous" (Gestapo index).

National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism:

It renders payments to victims of National Socialism (including recognition of victims through gesture payment, compensation for rent, art institutions and promotion of projects dedicated to the memory and remembrance of the victims of the Nazi regime as well as survivors of National Socialist persecution).

Jewish Welcome Service Vienna:

The Jewish Welcome Service invites expelled Austrians to Vienna, including the second and third generation of Shoah survivors, and carries out numerous projects in the field of education and adult education that deal with Jewish history and Austrian contemporary history.

Jewish Community of Vienna:

The portal to the Jewish community in Vienna with an event calender and current news from the areas of Jewish life and culture in Vienna, Shoah, Anti-Semitism, Middle East, etc.

ÖGE Österreichische Gesellschaft für Exilforschung: [German]

An information platform for those concerned with the exile, work and fate of those who left Austria in the 20th century as a result of racist or political persecution. With an event calendar for events related to exile research, persecution and remembrance culture. - Materialien zum Nationalsozialismus: [German]

This platform is dedicated to the issue of expropriation between 1938 and 1945 and the issues of restitution and compensation after 1945. Furthermore, there is information on prohibition, forced labor and the withdrawal and return of citizenship. - Nationalsozialismus und Holocaust: Gedächtnis und Gegenwart: [German]

Teaching and learning materials, links to memorial sites and memorial sites for teachers in Austrian schools.

Institut für historische Intervention:

Networking platform for Austrian memorial projects with links to commemorative projects in Austria.

Orpheus Trust:

The Orpheus Trust was the first association to dedicate itself to active and systematic research, documenting music life in Austria or from the former 'Danube Empire', that has been persecuted and annihilated during Nazism.

Medical Doctors in Austria 1938-1945 - Deprivation of Rights, Expulsion, Murder:

The aim of the research project is a comprehensive historical survey of the deprivation of rights and persecution of medical doctors in Austria during the National Socialist era.

Findbuch - Victims of National Socialism:

The Findbuch makes it possible to search for persons and companies in 202116 records of file holdings relating to National Socialist property seizure and restitution and compensation proceedings which are held at cooperating archives.


Stones of Remembrance (to be found throughout Vienna; Path of Remembrance through the 2nd District (Leopoldstadt) and the 9th District (Alsergrund)):

Erinnern für die Zukunft (6th District): [German]

Stones of commemoration (3rd District): [German]

Memorial Book for the Victims of National Socialism at the University of Vienna 1938:

House project "Große Stadtgutgasse 34" (2nd District): [German]

"Herklotzgasse 21" und die jüdischen Räume in einem Wiener Grätzel (15th District):­ [German]

Viennese Memories - Audio-Guides:­



Yad Vashem:

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum:

Kindertransporte, Nachkommen Überlebender:

Oeuvre de Secours aux Enfants:

World Federation of Jewish Child Survivors of the Holocaust:­

The American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust Survivors and Their Descendants: