Results of the Research Project

The research project "Servitengasse 1938" identified 680 people (including children up to the age of 18) as being resident in the Servitengasse as at 12 March 1938.

Of these, 377 people (including children) or 55.4% were Jewish or were persecuted as Jewish by the National Socialists.
285 people were classed as "non Jewish", of these 41 people were under 18 years old.
In 18 cases it was unclear whether they were classed as "Jewish" and persecuted by the National Socialist regime.

Of the 377 people...

  • 133 were deported to concentration and extermination camps;
  • 150 people were able to flee abroad;
  • 21 people died in Vienna during the Nazi era;
  • 5 survived in Vienna (in so-called "mixed marriages").
  • The fates of 68 people are unknown.

Shops in the Servitengasse

Research showed that as of March 1938, 111 shops and businesses were registered with the address "Servitengasse".

Of these, 61 businesses were run by Jews.


Of the 24 houses in the Servitengasse, 12 were owned by Jews in 1938. They were all "Aryanised".
The property rights to 8 houses were restored to the owners or their heirs after 1945.

Jewish Societies and Organisations

There were 3 Jewish student organisations and 1 Jewish youth organisation in the Servitengasse whose premises were closed shortly after March 1938:

  • Jewish student society Emunah J.V.A., current students and alumni, Servitengasse 4
  • Student society Libanonia, Servitengasse 4
  • Jewish student society Jordania, Servitengasse 8
  • Jewish youth organisation Akiba, Servitengasse 4

Victims of National Socialism

The research showed that 462 people are to be considered victims of the Nazi regime.
This number is made up of residents, business owners and property owners.