Exhibition "Servitengasse 1938. Tracing in the Neighbourhood"

A two-part exhibition presented the results of the project in a new form from 16th-31st July 2010.

A selection of the biographies researched in the project were presented in the Galerie Fortuna (1090 Vienna, Berrggasse 21), next to the Sigmund Freund Museum. A timeline running from 1938 to the present marked important historical dates that were also decisive for the residents of the Servitengasse. Ranged along this timeline were the stories of eleven individuals selected by members of the group. Documents, photographs and video and tape interviews with survivors were also on display. These histories show the persecution and loss of civil rights of Jewish residents, as well as the radical breaks in their lives caused directly by National Socialist laws. The individual approaches of the exhibition authors to the individual lives made the selection very personal, yet at the same time it is representative of those persecuted by the Nazi regime. The exhibition also tells of the meetings with survivors and their descendents that were made possible through the project. A photo documentation provided insight into the work and achievements of the "Servitengasse1938" initiative.


Posterexhibition at Servitengasse

The second part of the exhibition was on display in the Servitengasse itself. Nine posters in shop windows described the life of the street before and after 1938 through various topics and statistical analyses. The poster exhibition also sought to form a link between past and present and keep alive the memory of those who once helped to shape life in the street


Exhibition: Gallery Fortuna 2010

Exhibition: VHS Galileigasse 8, März/April 2012