Film - Under the Alsergrund. Servitengasse 1938

Synopsis "Wanting to know what happpend"

Citizens of the Vienna's 9th district are confronted with the history of their street. Documentary film-makers from the Vienna Film Academy accompany their search for the past of the place they live in. A generation no longer shaped by the experiences of war is looking for a "counter narrative" to the story it has been told, making visible the "blind spots" and becoming aware of what is missing.

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A film by Tobias Dörr and Henri Steinmetz
A "Wekstattprojekt" by kurt mayer film

Camera: Thomas Marschall, Astrid Heubrandtner, Judith Benedikt
Editor: Elke Groen
Historical Advisor: Birgit Johler
Head of Production: Alexandra Hutter
Producer: Kurt Mayer

Format: HDCAM/DVD 16:9 PAL
Length: 61 minutes

With support from: Vienna Film Fund, National Fund of the Republic of Austria for the Victims of National Socialism, Austrian Cultural Forum Paris.