1938 Address: Servitengasse. Tracing in the Neighbourhood

The book tells the story of Jewish people who lived and worked quietly in a street in Vienna until the annexation of Austria by the Nazis disrupted their life brutally. It also tells the incredible story of a group of dedicated Viennese citizens who got together many years later to trace the fate of these Jews and to put up a memorial in their memory.

The monograph was intended to give a lasting memory to those Jews who had been deported by the Nazis or had to flee into exile and whose names are largely forgotten. It has been edited by two experts in the field who have themselves participated in the project and also features articles written by the citizens.

Birgit Johler / Maria Fritsche (eds.)
1938 Adresse: Servitengasse. Eine Nachbarschaft auf Spurensuche.
Vienna: Mandelbaum 2007

240 pages, illustrations
19.90 EUR
ISBN: 978385476-233-1

with conributions by Doron Rabinovici, Birgit Johler, Maria Fritsche, Barbara Kintaert, Ursula Stern, Katharina Kober, Barbara Sauer, Ulrike Tauss, Michael Landesmann, Eva Blimlinger, Alix Paulus, Hubert Steiner, Brigitte Bailer and an afterword by Hubert C. Ehalt.

Please note that the book is currently only available in German. We are looking for a publisher for an English translation of the book and would be happy to hear from anyone who can help with this. Please contact us on servitengasse1938@gmx.at